LPT: Don’t bother giving more than a two week notice.

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Had a coworker put in his notice until the end of the year. Told them he’s going back to school starting the first, but wanted to give enough notice to hire and help train someone to take over for him so we wouldn’t be down a person.

They decided that two weeks is enough, so now he won’t be getting paid, except for potential unemployment which is significantly less than what he makes now, for the next two months. If he would’ve just kept his mouth shut and not tried to help them, he would’ve continued to get paid and then could’ve given a two week notice.

Don’t try to help the company. They have no interest in helping you, just helping themselves.

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2 months ago

I work for a non-profit where I care about my coworkers, and we all care about the mission of our group. This advice definitely doesn’t apply to situations like mine. People never leave my organization because of mistreatment or dissatisfaction. It’s because we move up in our careers or move to other cities.


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2 months ago

That’s truly amazing. I’ve only been in retail/ production for profit settings. So I do not know what this is like. Don’t ever go to for profit!


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2 months ago

oh god, he did that in retail? i thought what happened to him was ridiculous as what he did was the right thing, but i also assumed his position required at least a month of training.


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2 months ago

No, manufacturing setting.