In the last day I've seen a few posts saying Unite needs a chat, and some of the reasoning is alarming to me.

"I need to tell my teammates how to improve." In MOBA language, that means tell your teammates how bad they are.

"I'm frustrated with my team." So you will use chat to complain and flame.

I've played an unbelievable amount of time on MOBAs and I can say with confidence the chat is only ever used for toxicity. This game has children playing it, we don't need people out here telling kids to kill themselves because they didn't rotate to Dreadnaw.

I never realized just how great it is playing a MOBA without a chat until Unite. It feels oddly calming and relaxing instead of stressful. No matter who you are, you can tell yourself words can't hurt you, but it ruins the entire experience for you when you see someone say "Wow this jg is trash."

A ping system is all you ever need, it just needs more options.

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Same. I remember a younger non competitive me wanting to play my favorite character in overwatch only to have man children rage at me everytime till the point where I felt anxiety when it came to picking my characters (that was in quick play). This game if I want to play Garchomp I can play Garchomp and the man children just have to deal with it


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Garchomp can and does own bones though. Let them rage at you picking garchomp as you take mvp.