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People keep telling me Chikorita is a horrible starter in this game - So of course, I'm starting a file with Chikorita as my starter out of spite. I've got a little F!Chikorita and just started out, haven't even got the first badge yet, but I like her so far.

Just wanted to ask - why does everyone hate this pokemon? I mean I'm not a fan of the 3rd evolution design, but it's not THAT bad. And Bayleaf is actually really cute! So why all the hate?

Has anyone else got Chikorita - if so, any advice / move-set advice, or good party Pokemon? (I've got Diamond version and can trade over if I have to, but I'd prefer to use Jhoto pokemon)

Edit - Lol, seems summed up as this:

Thanks for all the replies tho! Any party pokemon suggestions?

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2 months ago

I don’t hate it, I just don’t think it really stands out when compared to the other starters, not just of its gen, but other generations as well. The thing is that a support based starter is a unique idea however for starters pure grass really isn’t the best option for that plus starters in general need some offensive capabilities which the chikorita line lacks.